League of Legends 7.6 Tier List (Team5's)


S Tier - Camille, Rumble, Naut, Shen

A Tier - Kled, Renekton, Maokai, Poppy, Gragas

B Tier - Ekko, Kennen, Jayce, Sion, Singed, GP, Swain, Fiora


God Tier - Graves

S Tier - Elise, Kha, Rengar

A Tier - Olaf, Gragas, Lee, Shaco

B Tier - Zac, Evelyn, Ivern, Nidalee, Tank J4, RekSai, Hecarim, Nunu


God Tier - Orianna

S Tier - Vlad, Ahri, Talon, Cassio

A Tier - Ryze, Jayce, Zilean, Viktor, Taliyah, Aurelion, Syndra, Fizz, Zed

B Tier - Ekko, TF, Lissandra, Azir, Katarina, Camille, Corki


S Tier - AS Varus, Cait, Ashe, Ezreal

A Tier - Kog, Jhin, Lucian, Draven

B Tier - Leth Varus, Morde, Twitch, Kalista, Ziggs, MF, Sivir


God Tier - Lulu

S Tier - Nami, Karma, Malz, Tahm

A Tier - Janna, Brand, Thresh, Zyra, Braum

B Tier - Sion, Naut, Bard, Leona, MF, Camille, Blitz

This is a Tier List for constructed teams, not a solo queue one. For some nice and complete soloq tier list you can check out the recent ArcSecond Tier List. The differences may not seem very obvious (just ban the op shit) but are definitely relevant. Regarding ELO, constructed tier lists are dependent on the strengths of the players also, but in slightly different ways than in soloq, which ultimately causes this list to be more stable across the ladder (being in general team-fighting compositions better in low elo teams, but also less important the exact strength of the pick due to the importance of comfort and limited champ pools). Some examples of variance in the jungla may be mecanically difficult champions, like Lee Sin, being overrated or picks that are less likely to be punished or they see their weaknesses lessened somehow the lower the elo being underrated, like Zac or Hecarim. I can say with confidence this tier list is a good representation of the meta, from platinum teams all the way up to pro play. 

Some differences with soloq lists may be that constructed lists favour picks that rely on communication or offers clears windows of opportunity to teams (Shen, Orianna) and is cruel against picks than rely on some degree of chaos to work properly or have clear weaknesses to exploit for organised teams (Panth, Quinn, TF) but it gets tricky as we go deep.

Different tiers can reflect a variety of things, the most obvious being the overall power of the pick, but also the strength in the meta of the main composition is being used on, their relative strength compared to similar pick on the same role, the synergies with other strong meta picks, their flexibility and the list goes on and on. 

General meanings for the tiers could be:

      God Tier

This champion is one of the strongest picks in the entire meta, over-classing the others picks in the role, almost regardless of class, hard to counter, and a priority in the P/B phase.

      S Tier 

Best champion choices of their class, meta defining inside the role, can work under light counters, considerable pressure on P/B phase.

      A Tier 

Strong champion, sometimes a weaker version of a S or God Tier Pick, and/or has some strength unique worth the choice. Susceptible of being contested if the better choices are banned for some reason or the role is targeted. Also picks that are overall strong but require light setup or limitations in the other roles to work perfectly.

       B Tier 

Weaker version of some A Tier Pick, a strong pick of a non meta class, or champion with a lesser unique niche, like a counter-pick of a higher tier pick or some strength that requires heavy setup. No pressure in P/B unless the role is being heavy targeted ban.

For consistence purposes, also with the overall power of the champion, consider each tier placement a measure of the power of the pick in that specific role compared to other picks on the same role that fulfil the same purpose. This does means a S Tier Jungle Pick is not always stronger than a A Tier Mid Pick, and an A Tier Support pick may be worse in some compositions than a B tier one.  

For example in Tarzaned's Jungle Tier List he compares tiers of junglers under the flags of Carnivore and Omnivore. Another possible classification may be Control Junglers, Carry Junglers, Farming Junglers, etc. but regardless of how many types of jungle styles is Graves better that everyone else at, I won't be doing the division that explicit in this tier list for the sake of simplicity. Also not all champions are covered, obviously; I could have forgotten someone but consider anyone not listed just as non-meta (witch doesn't mean unusable, just not meta right now).

Suspicious to be a tier higher than listed:

Top - Rumble, Shen
Jungle - Lee, Gragas, Ivern
Mid - Katarina, Viktor
ADC - KogMaw, Kalista, Ezreal
Supp -

Suspicious to be a tier lower than listed:

Top - Poppy
Jungle - Kha
Mid - Aurelion, Jayce
ADC - Cait, Draven
Supp - Thresh, Tahm, Bard

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